Monday, June 29, 2009

Internet Shopping

My daughter April has an important interview in July as part of her applying for the Consular Service. It's an all day thing with group presentations, interviews, etc. She has been told to wear what she would wear on the first day of her job. The problem with that is that she's in IT and they don't dress, it's always casual, and she has nothing appropriate to wear.
April lives in Maryland and we live in Georgia so I can't go shopping with her, at least not in person. As we talked on the phone yesterday we did manage to internet shop together which was kind of cool, very 21st century.
Today she had to work so I continued the search and e-mailed her the results. She liked one and will check it out at her local Macy's this weekend.
It's fun shopping with your daughter.


  1. depends on which daughter you're talking about it my case! haha Stevie hates to shop except for books. What is April doing? I don't know what the Consular Service is.

  2. Patty,
    USA has Embassies (where the Ambassador is) and Consulates in every country in the world.. They help Americans abroad, provide Visas, promote the USA etc. If she gets it, and it's a rough process she'll start with a hardship tour ( I always tease her and tell her it will be Diarreahstan.


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