Thursday, October 15, 2009


I think I've always loved cannons, don't ask why, don't know.  But I remember being in a little Spanish town named Tossa del Mar in the late 60's, visiting their castle,  laying my hands on one of the cannons there, turning to Mac and saying, "I want a cannon!"  Throughout the years I've repeated this message to Mac, and then a couple of years ago he made me a cannon, it doesn't fire, but it's a great little cannon.  It lives out in our backyard and I envision me sinking marauding pirate boats with it.
Then last night I saw the coolest, and I do mean coolest, thing!  While searching for something to watch on tv I ran across Mythbusters, a show we always enjoy,  but don't often remember when it's on.  Anyway, they were doing a whole episode on duct tape, how cool is that?  They lifted a man using duct tape, they lifted a 5,000 lb. car using duct tape, they plugged a hole in a boat using duct tape, they even built a sailboat out of duct tape, and it sailed.  But best of all, the built an actual working cannon out of duct tape!  It fired a cannon ball about 125 ft. and it didn't blow up.  I want one, and I'm betting I'm not the only one who's going to try and build one.  
The video of the cannon can be seen at http:/

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