Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cousin Isabel

Every family has one or maybe not.  Isabel is a very special lady.  She is Mac's 2nd cousin and emmigrated from Spain in the 1930's with her family, Mac's Mom's Aunt Victoria and Uncle Peter.  I first met her at our wedding in the 60's where she caught the bride's bouquet.  She was a beautiful woman, petite, elegant and Spanish to her fingertips.  She never married, saying she'd stay with her parents until they were gone and then join a convent.  She was, and is, deeply religous, in a very old country way.
When her father died she and her mother began traveling, to Mexico to see her brother, to Spain to visit relatives and then the world.  They rode the Trans-Siberian railroad across Russia, rode the train from Capetown to Cairo, walked the Great Wall in China, visited the Holy Land numerous times, to Rome to meet the Pope, they were always on the go.  And when her mother passed on Isabel continued to travel, to Antarctica, to South America, to Japan and the Phillipines.
We only see her infrequently, the last time at a dinner we had for the family before we left California, but we eagerly await her Christmas card each year as she catches us up on her travels.  This year she has been to Mexico, Spain and Cambodia!  She amazes me.  She is older than Mac's oldest brother Ralph, and he's 73, but she doesn't seem to have slowed down at all. I haven't any recent photos of her, but saw one from Mac's brother George's wedding this year and she looked great.
I'm beginning to think that if you never slow down they can't catch you.  Way to go Isabel.

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