Monday, March 15, 2010

Forida Keys

We're off to the Florida Keys tomorrow, can't wait.  I've had four places on my "Bucket List" for a while now and the Florida Keys is  one of them, the others being the Orkney Islands in Scotland, Petra in  Jordan and Ankor Wat in  Cambodia.
 You'd think living so close to Florida we'd have gone down there by now, after all we've been in  Georgia almost 7 years.  The one time we went to Florida we were going to Spring Training  for the Braves in Orlando and then from there we were driving on down to  to the Keys.  Unfortunately  I got sick in Orlando and we cancelled out reservations for the Keys and came home instead.
For our trip this time we're flying down to Ft.Lauderdale and then driving down to the Keys from there, a much shorter drive than driving all the way down Florida, that's about 400 miles.  We're  staying at a place called Tarpon Flats Marina on Key Largo.  We picked   Key Largo for a number of reasons, it's not as overgrown as Key West, it was a great Humphey Bogart movie and an ok Beach Boy song, and  we  just like the sound of it.
Tarpon Flats is  a small B & B at a marina, it only has 4 rooms and to me that sounds ideal. Hopefully, which means weather permitting, we're going deep sea fishing, then  out on a glass bottom boat for sightseeing and the last day a  drive down through the Keys.  This is sort of a reconnaissance visit, if we like it we'll go back for a longer stay next time. 


  1. I hope you have a fantastic time. I look forward to hearing about it.

  2. Such a beautiful picture - all that blue and sunshine! I'm looking out of the window here at thick British fog and I'm very envious of your trip. Have a great time!


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