Sunday, March 14, 2010

Garden Surprise

Mac made a surprise for my garden.  He made me two bee skeps to sit in the corner of the new bed he is putting in for me. Skeps are what were used for bee hives before  hives you could open were developed.  To get honey out of a skep you had to break it.  Originally skeps were made of braided straw or wheat, Mac made mine with rope.  I've always liked skeps, I love their shape and texture.  Of course I don't want any bees other than the tiny ones he made and attached to the skeps to move in.  It's not that I dislike bees,  I don't, in fact I love Bumble Bees who I consider the hardest working bees in the world,  but unfortunately last year I was stung by a wasp and had quite an allergic reaction, something I'd never had before, ended up going to an emergency clinic and now have to carry an Epi Pen everywhere I go.  I really appreciate the work our bees do and try to attract them to my garden.  So I share my garden with the bees, who are in fact loving my Camellia tree right now, but I'm rather cautious around them .

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