Tuesday, April 20, 2010

List All Your Medications, Including Over the Counter and Their Dosage

Yesterday I went to the Dermatologist to have some "spots" looked at and the nurse at the front desk had me update my medical information.  Parts were easy to do, I know what medical conditions I have, I know my medical history and I knew why I was coming to see the doctor.  The question that slowed me down was the one that asked me to list all medications I take including over the counter ones and to list their dosage.  Uh-oh.  I basically know what medications I'm taking or at least I know what I'm taking them for, but I really don't know how to spell some of them and I don't know their dosages.  Some were easy, like Bencar and Lipitor, but some were doozies.  I take a pill for acid reflux and it is Prilosec or at least it use to be Prilosec before it got changed to a generic and is now Omneprazole.  Now ask me if I remember how to spell that name.  Or the name of the one I take for my thyroid, which use to me Levoxyl but became the generic levothroxine.  Believe me that form got a lot of weird spellings, I was embarrassed.  I will fill out a little card for my wallet so that next time, and we all know there will be a next time, I'll know what I'm taking.

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