Friday, May 14, 2010

Love in the fast Lane or "Don't box me in."

We have several pairs of Eastern Box turtles around and near the house, they sometimes nest in the yard, but I have not seen them this year yet. There is a street in the sub division that they seem to like, for we have seen them there on many occasions, not all good. Some have been injured or killed by cars. So you can imagine our frame of mind when we saw two box turtles ambling across the road on this same street. The larger turtle I'm sure was the female and the smaller one, following closely with a gleam in his eye, had to be the male. They were in the middle of the road and not going across, but right down the middle, I knew the male wasn't thinking, but the lady should of had better sense. So we picked them up and completed our walk, and brought them home, always room for two more turtles. I put them down in the backyard, and discretely backed off, so as to not cramp his style. They kept their heads in for a while, and then the female stuck her head out and headed for the bushes. The male shot his head out looked around and took off, not toward the female, but straight into the lagoon, and did not stop swimming until he reached the other side! So much for love in the fast lane!

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