Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Old and Cranky

I know I''m getting old and cranky, little things bother me that I use to ignore.  Perhaps I've just gotten  more obsessed with hygene as I've  grown  older, God knows I've got friends who take every vaccination, vitamin and supplement  known to mankind as they grow older. Whatever the reason I'm tired of seeing people on TV who look like they need to wash their hair!  It's so distracting, I want to hold them down and give them a good shampooing. In addition their stringy, greasy hair really glares against their store bought white washed, bleached, and all but sand blasted teeth!  Their hair bothers me so much I forget what the movie, show or commercial is about.  Is dirty hair the new "in" look?  Did I not get the memo?  Should I stop washing mine all the time?
I think not, I think there's just a grungy bunch of idiots in Hollywood who thinks this is a great look.  Memo to them, "IT'S NOT!"  Go wash your hair!

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  1. I don't watch TV much but I seem to recall hearing that a "bed head" look is in--stringy, greasey.
    Not attractive--and I'll keep washing my hair in the daily shower!


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