Monday, August 30, 2010


Saturday at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time our modem died!  We tried everything, but after talking to Tech Support for our DSL  and noting that the brand name on the modem was CSA (Confederate States of America) we knew we were lost----no connection to the internet.  Our Techie put in a work order for us and told use we could go into town Monday----Oh God! Monday! and pick up a new modem.
We moaned and groaned, slept poorly, and Sunday morning Mac remembered that we had a laptop that our daughter had given us and it had an internal modem, so we called up our Tech Support again, they gave us a number for Dial-up Service and we were reconnected, sort of.
The laptop is an old Mac and is slow even when on DSL, on dial-up it gave snail mail a run for its money, it was agonizing waiting for pages to download.  Finally I gave up, sent an e-mail that had to be sent and shut it down.
This morning, early, before breakfast---I left Mac in charge of the kitchen, I flew into town and picked up the new modem, Mac could not believe how quickly I was back, and I said that if I hadn't had to wait for a train and a driver doing 40 in a 55 mph zone I'd have been back even quicker.
Well I sat out in the livingroom drinking orange juice and listening to mumbles and mutters coming from the computer room and finally heard those 2 special word, "We're on-line!"
You could take away my tv--watch very little of it anyway, take my phone, h**l I'd even give up the air conditioner, but I have to have the internet and Mac is just as bad--talk about addictions.  Now we need a need router because the one our daughter gave us (she's always trying to drag us into the 21st century) is definitely getting wonky.
But I'm online and I'm smiling!

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  1. I know the feeling! How did we so quickly arrive at that place where a day without internet leaves us feeling so out of touch?


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