Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday this tree was standing, all 75-100 feet of it, we walked right past it.  Today it was laying in 2 yards and you could see where it had been cut up in the road.  We thought at first someone had gotten permission to cut it down, which is not easy to do here, but we looked closer and saw the roots and knew that it had fallen down.  Looking at the inside of the tree we saw that the core was rotten.  It must have made a h**l of a noise when it hit the ground.
One day when we were walking we saw and heard a much smaller one fall so I know this one must have shook the ground!

It had stood next to these trees and was at least as tall as them, glad it happened after our walk.  We had storms yesterday afternoon and I'll bet that's when it came down.

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