Monday, December 6, 2010

I Love Christmas!

The Stockings Were Hung
By the Chimney With Care
I love Christmas, I really do, I love the smell of it, the fir trees, the gingerbread, peppermint, warm apple cider-- the look of it  the decorations, the red and green colors, the cards, the angels-- the feel of it,  the sense of love and giving and families coming together.
 I love Christmas almost,  but not quite,  as much as our old cat Louis did --he really loved Christmas,  laying under the tree and smiling what passes for a cat smile, and one year  he loved the tree so much he ate some of the tinsel hanging on it (that was in the days when we still put it on our tree, something we don't do  any more) and though it could have hurt his insides it didn't, we were lucky, but he did pooh Christmas, so as I said I love Christmas but not quite  as much as he did.
I decorate for Christmas, I really decorate, right down to the little plastic train Mac gave me last year.   The living room is almost done, I 'm looking for a glass container to hold some ornaments, it has to be deep enough our present cat can't get them out.
So in between working on presents I keep decorating.  Mac has been doing the same outside and it's really beginning to look Christmasy here.

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  1. I love Christmas too, always have and all my children take after me. I haven't started decorating yet but shall start bringing things out this weekend. The snow has interfered with my plans for buying a tree (I get it from Longshaw which is out in the country) and putting up outside lights (can't get to the shrubs I put lights on or down to the outside cellar where the boys old sledge lives) but again hopefully this weekend will see progress in both projects:)


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