Monday, March 7, 2011

Brand Spanking New!

Delivered this Saturday morning I now have a brand new gas stove with a grill down the middle.  Only problem is it's a natural gas stove and we have propane so we had to track down the parts to convert it.
It works, but the gas valves, nozzles, whatever the heck they are,  let in too much oxygen so while the flame is higher  it doesn't burn as hot, it burns more yellow than blue.    Propane has to be forced through a smaller hole.  I definitely don't remember Hank Hill mentioning that fact, and yes, we did call Strickland Propane trying to track down the part, they have a store in the next town over.  So after calling everybody and God, and then discovering an 800 number on the back of the paperwork for the stove we were directed to an appliance parts store located on the farside of forever and managed to get over there this morning.
We got  the part, it didn't cost and arm and a leg and Mac will get it all set up tomorrow, and he's even promised not to burn his eyebrows off.
As for the old stove though it would have been tempting to toss it down down the back steps we gave it to a friend who has a trailer park and is always having to replace appliances.  It was "fun" getting it down the stairs and up into his truck, but I was glad to see it go.  The burners never fit right and I'm sure they didn't go with that stove, and I've cleaned it so much, yes I know that's hard to believe, but parts of it were losing their finish.
So hello new stove, you are so pretty.


  1. I had the same problem when I changed my stove. The store sent me a Natural Gas stove instead of propane. What I was unable to understand is the fact that there isn't any Natural Gas in this area and so I think that the error was all down to their suppliers!
    Looks like a good piece of equipment an admirable purchase !

  2. We put propane stoves in all the houses we built in WY. Finally, after some frustration, found an appliance dealer in town who gave us good "package" prices on buying a whole kitchen's worth, delivered--and--for $20 converted to propane. J. always had a fit doing that--was delighted to hand over the $20.
    We'll expect to see photos of lovely baked goods!

  3. It's lovely having new toys to play with, but it's surprising how often there needs to be an adjustment of some sort to get it right. Happy cooking!


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