Monday, March 14, 2011

They're Back!!!

Yes, they're back and they're biting.  What are they: They're Ceratopogondae, biting midges, sand flies, midgies or as they're better known here No-See-Ums.  They're tiny, about 1-4 mm in length, and they bite like h**l!  Being that small I figure they must be all mouth, for you don't see them, don't hear them flying and don't notice them  landing, just all of a sudden it feels like you're being attacked with a teeny, tiny  chain saw .  It stings like heck and may itch for a week.  They're starting early this year, not good.  I hate spraying myself with insect repellant, but I hate even more their biting, crawling up my nose, in my mouth, and in my ears and eyes.  You can wear long sleeves, but today was near 80 and the rest of the week will be up in the 70's and I love the feel of the spring sun on my skin.   He looks big in the picture, but I assure you he's been greatly enlarged, I never see them I just feel them.  They'll die back in a month or so, but boy howdy,  they're irritating right now.


  1. I think we've got their cousins over here! The Highland Midge! They start biting towards the end of June/July and keep biting (females only, as my husband is keen to point out!) until September. Tiny and ferocious, I'm sure they must be related!


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