Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Even The Squirrel Was Shocked!

It's been very warm, and when it's spring and warm,  a young reptile's thoughts turn to, turn to, turn to, doing things on my garden fence that should not be done!  Even the squirrel who had just finished breakfast at the bird feeder yelled for him to desist.
Though we try to co-exist with nature, realizing we live in a swamp and snakes and other critters call it home, I won't put up with snakes around my garden or pool.  We've tried removing them but they always come back,  so now we remove them with prejudice.  I had visions of dozens of baby snakes hatching out in my garden, that's a thing that nightmares are made of.  Though the Southern Black Racer is not poisonous they do bite, and worse than that,  if I come upon them unexpectedly it scares the bejeezus out of me.
So the snakes, who in the picture resemble a grey/black pole laying along the fence, are gone.  The squirrel and I are both happier.


  1. We used to have a large shrub in the middle of our lawn, and whenever my mother watered it, dozens of baby snakes wriggled out from underneath it. When she was finished, they wriggled back. I shudder now, just remembering it. :-)

  2. Jo, I would have been running for the hills!

  3. I'm not bothered by snakes unless they are poisonous but I wouldn't especially want a garden full of them!

  4. Rowan, I don't mind snakes, I just don't like coming upon them unexpectedly.

  5. EEERRRGGGHH! Snakes are very upsetting!


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