Monday, June 20, 2011

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

I love carrying a backpack purse, it keeps my hands free, is less of a strain on my shoulder and I can organize all of my stuff in it.  For years Tweedy served me well, she went on most of our trips to England and Europe, cross country trips, trips to New York and D.C.  But finally she began to wear out, Mac has stitched her up for me, gooped her, and everything else we could think of to preserve her, but alas, her days of long trips carrying all of my junk are over.  I still use her on our daily walk to carry my camera, binoculars and my epi pen, but she just can't carry the load I need for a trip.
So I went looking for a replacement.  I started at Target because that's where she came from but they didn't have anything I liked.  Next I went online to ebags a company I've bought from numerous times and ordered what they described as a backpack purse, it wasn't, it was a backpack, much too big.
So it's sitting in the kitchen waiting to be mailed, free return mailing which is nice, all I had to do was print out the label and I'll drop it off at UPS when we go out next.
Then I tried Amazon and ordered what was called a mini-backpack, it wasn't, it too was just a backpack, so it's going back too.  But because I'm returning it for my reasons, it's too big, and not an error on their part I have to pay for the return.

Return Number 1

Return Number 2
After that I measured both the bags I'm returning, measured Tweedy (should have done this in the beginning) and went looking again.  I've ordered one slightly bigger than Tweedy and I have my fingers crossed.  But darn it, it shouldn't be this hard!

Hopefully Third Time is the Charm


  1. I'm totally with you on backpacks and what a shame you've had problems finding a replacement for Tweedy.

    I bought one last year from the US from Old Navy. Unfortunately it's not yet a year old and it's wearing out already. Bah!

  2. I've never shopped at Old Navy, ebags is always my first choice for bags, their stuff lasts forever.

  3. Hope your third attempt at getting a backpack purse is successful, it's always hard trying to replace old and well-loved items, many things aren't as well made and long lasting as they used to be unfortunately.


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