Sunday, September 25, 2011


River Coln
One of the real enjoyments of our trip to England was the chance to walk where the temperature was in the 60's and not the 90's.  We own a number of English walk books and used one to find a walk near where we were staying and spent a morning doing a walk along the River Coln.  A gorgeous day, all cows, who I never trust, were safely behind fences, and only one slight diversion as we followed a cow path instead of  the path we should have been on.  When we ended up at a cow trough we realized we'd made a mistake,  but were close enough to where we should have been that we could spot the gate we were looking for.
We were stunned by the size of the trees along our walk, we have huge oaks and pines here, but nothing to compare with the giants we saw there.
I love the public footpaths we use in England, but have a lot of sympathy for the landowners who have to deal with people crossing their land, it would drive me crazy to have people going across our property.  We always try and stay on the path and leave no mess behind.

  We finished the day at The Mermaid in Burford for lunch, and as always the town was packed to the gills with tourists.

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