Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn Sunshine

What an absolutely gorgeous day we're having, in fact the whole weekend was this way, but they're warning us that all good things must end.
 Finally got my veggie/herb bed cleaned out, romaine lettuce propped back up after last week's rain and some red leaf lettuce planted.  So there's romaine, butter and red leaf in there now.  We usually don't have any frost before Thanksgiving so they should do well. In the middle of this bed is my rosemary, I'm trying to convince it to grow into a tree, but thus far it hasn't been very cooperative.  Trimmed back my marjoram, oregano and sage, they'll winter over and I'll have fresh herbs to use.  Two cabbages decided to come back and I'm  just leaving them, I hate to discourage any plant that's willing to grow on its own.
Planted my Pansies into my planter on the backdeck, and put the others, as well as the Chrysanthemums, out front.


Mac has been busy in his garden too, he already has green beans up and today he planted Fava beans.
I probably pulled a million weeds from my planters and have at least that many more to go, but that's ok, weed pulling is very satisfying.

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  1. I am envious that you can over-winter a rosemary outdoors! Mine are still on the porch in their pots, but other plants have been brought inside. Its wonderful weather now, but a possible frost Wednesday night.
    {Now why has Goggle decided to change my identity?}


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