Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sometimes They Actually Listen

Each year for the least few years as house prices have gone down in value, our house taxes have gone up.  Finally this year I decided to do something about it, researched what houses were selling for in our area so  I'd have a better idea of fair market value, which is what our taxes are supposedly based on, and filed an appeal of our taxes.  Mac, though he didn't think it had a chance in h**l,  said to go for it, and I did.  That was back in August
Saturday we got a form from the county tax assessor showing our taxes for the coming year.  They'd accepted my appeal and our taxes have been dropped, significantly.  Of course that means our house is worth less, but we owe far less than its value and have no plans to sell for awhile so that's fine.  So I'm very happy, surprised, but happy.


  1. Well done! Just shows it's worth trying these things even if you don't always get a positive result.


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