Friday, February 24, 2012

Wine Table

I was doing a bit of cleaning and noticed our wine table (we seldomly SEE the things we see every day) and thought it would make a great picture.  The small paintings are of course by Mac, the tile picture we bought in Spain on our last trip there.  The brass mortar and pestle on the right  were brought by Mac's Grandmother from Spain when she emigrated.   The tall decanter in the back on the left is antique lead glass from Germany.  Also on the left are several vintage cork screws from England, the small glass bottles are also vintage English.  The wooden cask, known as a firken and used to carry cider to the workers in the fields is also an antique from England.  The wines are South African, Italian, and Australian, while the Irish Cream is of course Irish.  A rather cosmopolitan wine table.


  1. A lovely little tableau of special things!

  2. It's lovely. I especially like the cask.

  3. I like the fact you have a wine table! Thanks for your lovely comment,have a happy weekend! :0)

  4. What a lovely table. What a lovely idea to have such a table. And I'd like a firkin but don't think I have seen one that's available.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I think I should maybe have said that I have blogging block (nothing is happening) so I wrote a bit of nonsense about unicorns. To which I have always been partial. Now a little model of a unicorn would be something for your wine table. And you could tell your guests that it had come all the way from the sands of Samarkand. (Or at least the idea had!).

  5. I'm squinting to see the plates on the left...I think they are good ones :)
    My uncle had a bar which was like a museum. He never parted with a napkin, stirrer or anything to do with "drinks". It was pretty interesting.


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