Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can You Clean Too Much?

I talked about this on Facebook, but thought I'd expand on it.  I never thought of myself as a heavy duty cleaner.  I do a little bit each day, targeting something different each day, doing the bathrooms, cleaning blinds, vacuuming, cleaning woodwork, etc.  In the Fall and Spring I do the heavier cleaning catching up on anything I've let slide over the months.
Earlier this week I started painting doors and Mac did the trim for me, they really needed it.    I've painted 2 doors so far and have way too many left to do.  I had to paint them because I've worn the paint off of them cleaning them.
 Then I noticed that I've done the same thing to a lot of the baseboards.  I've cleaned the paint off of them and now I'm going to have to repaint them.
That got me to thinking about what else I might have over cleaned and I remembered that one of the reasons I got rid of my old stove was that I'd literally worn out the fire proof paint on it cleaning it.
Maybe it's a good thing I don't dust very often, otherwise I'd have worn the finish off most of my furniture.
So I'm through with housework for the day and maybe longer,  think I'll pretend I'm a cat and just lay around the rest of the day.


  1. Well. I think I can safely say I never cleaned anything so hard that the paint got worn off...

  2. I like the idea of lolling about like the resident cats--we wait on them, clean up after them, etc.
    I can't be said to clean too vigorously--I wonder if sometimes what we use to clean with is at fault.


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