Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Workmen Cometh

That's what this week was, a week of waiting for workmen, and I must say they were really good about showing up on time or calling and saying they were coming earlier.
The termite folks had to drill holes through a concrete block wall and treat the mound of dirt inside, termites are a real problem here in the south and we have to have the house checked regularly.  But they got the job done.
Then the Directv man was scheduled to come between 8 and 12, called at 8 and said he'd be there by 11, then called and said he'd be even sooner.  He checked everything out, decided we needed a new cable ( they bring the signal from the dish outside into the house), dug the old one up, laid a new one, gave us new cables to hook up to the receiver inside and was done in no time.
On Friday my piano tuner called to say he'd be out sooner than planned, came, made the hair on my cat's back stand straight up, made my piano sound mellow again and now I can play Mozart without cringing.
Last night we went out dancing for the first time in a while, had a great time, but boy am I tired today.  I plan some quality time on my couch this afternoon, we call it Happy Hour, others call it a nap.  Need to make more tomato sauce, but I have a feeling that might not happen till tomorrow.


  1. "Mozart Without Cringing." Great title for a self-help book.

    Dancing is such good exercise, isn't it? I almost never get to do it.

    Hope you enjoyed your Happy Hour!

  2. I wish I could play Mozart without cringeing. It's not the piano's fault in my case.

  3. Our workmen arrived at 8.20a.m. this morning to dismantle our old, leaky and damp conservatory - the new one goes up tomorrow. They are very quiet, quick and tidy workers. I've just taken them mugs of tea. Love your words 'Mozart without cringing':)


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