Friday, February 8, 2013

The End of Saturday Mail

Beginning in August the U.S. Mail will no longer deliver first class mail  on Saturdays, packages will, be delivered but not letters.  Do I care?  Not one bit.  In fact they could cut it back even more and I wouldn't care.  I pay a lot of bills online and with  automatic deduction, I could pay all of of them that way.  In fact if first class mail costs much move than 50¢ I probably will  pay more of them that way.
Another thing about Saturday delivery is that when I get something on a Saturday that's a problem I'm never able to get hold of anyone to deal with it, most offices are closed on Saturday.  I'd be better off if the letter came on Monday when people are in their offices instead of me worrying all weekend.
Some people have pointed out that the U.S. Mail should be charging by distance on first class mail just like they do on packages.  Right now it's 50¢ anywhere in the country, whether it's across the street or across the nation.  Of course if they charged by distance I really would pay more bills online.
Does it bother you that Saturday mail is ending?


  1. Our first class post is now 60 pence, a fortune, especially considering that Britain is a small country. Be grateful for your 50c from Alaska to Florida!

    Re Beethoven's 5th - a French friend told me years ago that they always sing the first four notes of it to the words "Le pince a linge" - ie "The clothes peg". And since then I can't refrain from doing so too. Oops, maybe shouldn't have told you that or you too... .

  2. I do feel sad that Saturday mail delivery will be stopped.
    Just another thing taken away from us...

  3. First class in the UK is 60 pence and second class 50 pence. I hope they don't abolish Saturday deliveries here. I try to do things online rather than through the post now that it's so expensive, but I do like to receive any mail which is sent to me in a timely fashion.


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