Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mailman Beware!

Our mailbox is covered in Jasmine, a bee's delight.  And though Mac trims it back regularly it grows right back.  If I were the mailman/person (whatever) I think I'd poke the mail in with a stick.  You can see the front of our mailbox, some of our neighbor's boxes are so covered you can't even see the door.  Mac usually picks up the mail because our box sounds so buzzy you'd think it was getting ready to fly off.


  1. The bees are probably quite irritated that you keep getting your mail delivered to "their" address LOL

  2. I say anything for the bees!
    They are very important!
    Hope you are having a nice Spring.

  3. The rampant growers here are honeysuckle vine and trumpet vine--they threaten to take over where ever they can put down a root!


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