Friday, May 10, 2013

Missing in Action This Week

Not wounded, just miserable, it's spring allergy time and I'm enjoying it so much.  The weather has turned warm and beautiful, but when I'm outside for any length of time I pay the price.  Some years it's the sneezing, some years it's the coughing, this year it's the eyes.  Not just red, burning and itching, but aching, as are my sinus.
When Mac has trouble with his allergies he takes medication, I can't.  Anything I take dries my eyes out so bad I'm beyond miserable.  The medication I take for my glaucoma makes my eyes dry anyway so allergy medication just exacerbates the situation.  So I've mainly stayed inside.  Lots of reading, a bit of crocheting, piano playing.  Then I run outside and pull a few weeds just so they won't think I've forgotten them.
Outside it's gorgeous!  The Bee Bushes are in full bloom and the bees, both the honey bees and the bumble bees are a bit drunken, as are the wasps.
Mac has been busy putting our new bar-b-que together, we use them a lot and seem to go through them at the rate of one a year.  He's also been cleaning the pool too, we can see the bottom again, and if this weather keeps up we'll be in it before too long.


  1. Oh you poor thing. The sun is shining and you cannot enjoy it.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Sorry that you are feeling grim - I've never suffered from allergies thank goodness but both DH and my younger son do so I know how awful it is.

  3. Rowan, We never had allergies until we reached a certain age, so I guess they should be call"oldergies"!


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