Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweating Like a Pig.....Not!

I'm sitting here with sweat running down all over me because I made the foolish decision to do a little house work today.  And as I sat here that old saying "sweating like a pig" ran through my mind, but of course pigs don't sweat or rather not enough, they have too few sweat glands and so have to wallow in mud to cool themselves off. Doing some Googling I found out that all land mammals sweat to some extent, dogs and cats through their paws and by panting, horses and cows sweat quite a bit, particularly horses.   The primates and horses have sweat glands all over their bodies.
I also learned that mammary glands are modified sweat glands, how's that for bizarre.
But back to my main subject, I guess I should be sitting here saying I'm sweating like a horse!


  1. Blogging can be very educational :)

  2. How strange that this saying should have become popular. Well, your blog has made me think about this now. It's going to bother me until I find a good reason! :D


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