Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why do I wrap packages upstairs when I know they're going to have to be carried back downstairs----thank you Mac---?  I know there's more room up there, but I could make room down here.  I'm not done, but anything else I buy is going to stay down here.  I can bring wrapping down here, much easier.


  1. That first photo is all cat. Or kitten, as it were.
    So, what is the saying we grow too soon old and too late smart.

  2. Habits, they're just hard to break. I haven't even started wrapping, or got the tree up, or...I better get busy!

  3. Can't answer your question, but can tell you I like those header paintings very much! :)

  4. Sometimes it pays just to think ahead.
    I decided to buy myself a new electric carpet cleaner, a light one for carrying up and down the stairs to make life easier. I intended to get rid of my perfectly good heavy one. In the shop another customer said she kept her old one downstairs and a light one upstairs - a light bulb moment for me - it has made my life so much easier.

  5. Why did I carry the Christmas decorations downstairs a handful at a time again and again instead of just taking the box down and then back up again. It would have made for far less trips up and down the stairs! We do do funny things don't we!! xx


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