Monday, May 18, 2015

Been That Kind of Day

Melted a spatula in the oven while cooking today, lovely smell.  Yes I know I shouldn't keep them in the oven, but that way I always know where they are or where they were in this case.  RIP spatula.  Then the cat trapped a wolf spider over by the pantry, scooped her up so she wouldn't be playing with it and yelled for Mac.  He carried it outside.   Then going into the dining room he found a centipede that Miss Kitty had already played to death.  And it's only Monday.


  1. The Wolf spiders here in Arizona look way more scary with those awful hairy legs and are very poisonous.
    I just kill them. No going outside where the scorpions and rattlesnakes are.
    I just stomp them.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Bad luck to kill a spider, so I always call for the removal squad--Mac.

  3. Gosh if it is bad luck to kill a spider I must be really in for it. lol

  4. We have so many melted spatulas in our drawer. Guess we should throw them away but they still seem good for proddy, twisty work.
    Though having said that, some one told me that once plastic melts, its carconogenic, not sure if that's an old wives tale....

  5. I've never seen a wolf spider, but I think I would have a little bit of a panic if I saw that in the house! I often put things in the warm oven to dry ... but only metal things that will survive if SOMEONE doesn't check the oven when he turns it on ;)
    Bad things happen in threes ... was that three? Hope tomorrow is better!

  6. hahahahahaha not in Arizona. It is good luck to kill a spider. The wolf spiders are huge and very poisonous.
    If you get bite it is a huge hospital bill. Then there are the scorpions that have staged an attack on the house and all the baby rattlesnakes are out and about, They are young mean and snap at anything.
    So when I see any spider I kill it. It is in my home and doesn't belong there.
    My life really can't get any worst.
    But any bite (auto immune) and I am in big trouble.

    cheers, parsnip


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