Thursday, May 14, 2015

While We Were Gardening

We've been working out in the garden and when we came back inside this is what we found going on.  I don't want to say they were cheating, but I definitely saw aces up some "sleeves".  No one was holding aces and eights though and that's a good thing.
Out in the garden more new plants have gone in.

Marigolds by the pool which is almost ready for swimming

Dianthus, I have never seen tall round ones like this before, I want more

Variegated Pansies, Marigolds and Orange Zinnias

Canna Lily


  1. Those bears don't even look guilty at having been found out! Your poolside area looks so inviting, I imagine that's a popular spot on a hot summer's day ;)

  2. Love, love, love the flowers. Mine have survived this week's return to near winter. I was expecting to pay another fortune to replace them.

  3. I too love the pool side area, it does look inviting!

  4. Your flowers are looking good, and I have serious pool envy.

  5. Loo, your pool looks inviting! I'm just up the road from you and it's hot! I think it will take awhile for this Minnesotan to get used to being this warm. I know I will be very happy in the winter though!


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