Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Few Sunday Thoughts

Too hot for much thinking, but I'll try,  It was 98º here on Friday and Saturday, they say it's cooler today, but you couldn't prove it by me.  I know Angry Parsnip at Two Little Square Black Dogs is hotter in Arizona, but they don't have the humidity we do.  So laying low and eating light---ham sandwiches and pasta salad--that's about all you can do.
Try to eat some fruit every day, bananas being my favorite.  But I like them slightly on the green side and in this heat they go bad quickly.  If you put them in the refrigerator they turn black.  So while out shopping at a store that I don't usually shop at I bought some lovely green grapes.  Talk about bitter grapes, they were one step from being vinegar.  I put some out on the counter to see if I could ripen them up, but it was no use.  A very expensive mistake, I won't be buying produce from that store an more.
We swim every day so when I saw an article about what pools turn our eyes red it caught my eye.  When I was a kid we'd visit the local swimming pool and swim until our skin was pruney and our eyes looked like something out of a bad vampire movie.  We always blamed the chlorine.  Scientist now tell us it wasn't the chlorine, it's urine.  When urine combines with chlorine it produces  chloramine which is a derivative of ammonia.  Now isn't that a pleasant thought.  Glad I have my own pool and that no kids swim in it because you know that's who's weeing in the pool.
I need to do some decluttering my closet, Goodwill you're in luck and then it's lunch time.  Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Air conditioned closets are good, muggy gardens not so much.

  2. My friend had a sign at her pool...
    Please welcome to our O O L.

    Notice there is no "P" in it!

    You are right, it is HOT!!!

  3. So that,s why I hate public pools. I never buy grapes without trying one for sweetness, or cherries come to that.

  4. Oh dear - decluttering in that hot weather - how awful.

    Luckily I no longer swim so don't need to think about the urine issue!

  5. Oh, thanks for that. Urgh.

    Hot? It's very pleasant in Edinburgh. Well, ok, slightly damp underfoot. But good for walking.

  6. HaHa the bitter truth.... I saw a sign at a pool once ~ "WE DON'T SWIM IN YOUR TOILET, PLEASE DON'T PEE IN OUR POOL."

    Yikes...we live in a complex...I may never swim in the pool again...HaHa

  7. Just caught up with a few of your blog posts. I don't know how you cope with that heat. Mind you, I wish it was slightlier sunnier here in England.


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