Friday, July 10, 2015

Five on Friday

I'm joining in with Amy (Love Made My Home) and all the others for Five on Friday.  A real mixture this week.

First is something I do every day, even when my foot was bad.  We get up, I set up things for breakfast, feed the cat, take my medicine (all 90,000 pills or at least it feels that way) and we go for a walk.  When the weather is cooler and less humid we do 2 miles, when it's hot and humid like it is now we do a bit less.  But walk we do, every single day, winter, summer, spring and fall.

The second thing I do in the summer is  jump in the pool,  it's the quickest way to cool down and there is nothing worse than trying to eat breakfast and having sweat pour off of you. I like coffee for breakfast and I want it hot not iced, so I prefer to not be roasting as I drink it.

The third thing I do is aerobics, again, even when my foot was bad I still used my aerobic video and modified it so I wasn't hurting my foot too much.  Did it hurt some, well yes, but then I had bought a bubbling foot bath and soaked my foot in that afterwards.  My foot is getting better now so I can do more and do it stronger. I like Leslie's DVD, she works me out without doing me in. It feels good to do this every day, my body appreciates it even when my foot didn't.

The fourth thing is the music that played on my MP3 player while I worked out today.

The Boxer  by Simon and Garfunkel

You Might Think   by The Cars

Fast Car   by Tracy Chapman

Live Forever  by Oasis

Looking Out My Backdoor   by Creedence Clearwater Revial

I have my MP3 player on shuffle so I never know what might be coming next.

The Fifth thing is my Plumbago plant, such a pretty blue color.   Such a funny name I always think it sound like a bad case of rheumatism----Oh I can't do that my plumbago is acting up today.   I'd show you the rest of the garden, but it's so full of weeds it'd run you off.


  1. Ha ha, my Plumbago is playing up, it does sound like a disease or a complaint, doesn't it? I do admire you for sticking with your exercise routine, especially in the heat you're encountering. I can't stick with mine even when it's cool.

  2. I would be jammin' out loud to CCR; too bad Back Door is so short. As bad as Janis Joplin and her Mercedes Benz.

  3. Oh you made me laugh with the aching plumbago, but I so totally get what you mean!!! It is funny isn't it! I am glad that your foot is improving and that you can get back to doing the things you love to do more, too frustrating otherwise! Enjoy your walking and your music! Oh and the cool down swims, that sounds like the best part to me! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  4. Good for you! We walk throughout the day. We both have Fitbits so we can keep track. I walk less than my husband...he does about three miles a day:)

  5. Yes, plumbago does sound like a terrible disease, doesn't it! Bravo with keeping up with the exercise in the heat, I don't have that excuse :-)
    Have a super weekend xx

  6. That all sounds very energetic! Your plumbago is such a lovely colour. :-)

  7. You have a great daily regimen this summer! You're right about plumbago sounding like a bad case of rheumatism! :-) It sure is pretty though.

  8. Like the plumage bit:) you do a lot more exercise than I do - walking a couple of miles a day is about it for me as far as regular exercise goes.

  9. Stupid predictive text again! I actually wrote plumbago of course!

  10. You made me smile with the plumbago comment. Good for you to sticking to the exercise regime, I am afraid the heat would have put a stop to that for me.

  11. I have just started my jogging routine again, after months of resting because of plantar fascitis. It is good to be active after a period of rest, isn't it? I would love to say I jump in the pool in the morning.... it would need to be heated here, and covered. I hope it will get a bit cooler for you. x

  12. Yes, plumbago does sound like an illness rather than a plant. I admire your determination to exercise every day. I have an exercise bike but haven't been on it for a week now, but we did a long walk with friends yesterday. One of them was wearing a pedometer and we all walked nearly 10,000 steps:)


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