Monday, September 7, 2015

I'm way behind in blogging and I have nothing to blame but housework.  When you come back from a trip your house smells stuffy and everything is covered in dust.  Plus I think Miss Kitty may have thrown a party or two while we were away.  So each day I tried to clear out a room and finally worked my way upstairs.
We haven't used the upstairs in forever except to toss stuff we didn't want downstairs.  So I had a bedroom, my craft room and the upstairs tv room  plus a bathroom to clean up.  It was hot, dusty and time consuming.
And once I cleared things up in my craft room I took a look at the puzzle I've been working on forever, in bits and pieces.  The one Miss Kitty threw up in the air earlier this year and I decided I was going to finish it.  So today after breakfast was done and the kitchen cleaned I headed up.
I finished it this afternoon, except for 4 missing pieces.
I took my stiff body off for some aerobics  and Mac went in search of the missing pieces, which of course he found.
So for a brief moment in time my house is clean and my puzzle is done.  Time to start another mess.


  1. Pretty puzzle! I have an upstairs that we never use and it is calling my name that it has rained I might dust:)

  2. Your puzzle is done and now you can choose what comes next.

  3. Well done on getting through all that housework :) glad Mac found the missing pieces, it's so frustrating when you do a big puzzle and find you can't finish it properly. It's a lovely picture.

  4. Thank you for visiting me and commenting. I'm still exhausted & hoping the B 12 works !
    We sell a lot of puzzles at the charity shop. Often customers donate them back. It's awful if there is a missing piece.

  5. I'd happily blog permanently, but reality keeps getting in the way!

  6. Wish I was near enough to borrow thatpuzzle. We are great puzzle doers in winter and have just got our first one out.

  7. Lovely puzzle! I hope that the snow cooled things down a little for you! xx


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