Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Middle of the Week

It's Wednesday, the bug man has been here, comes quarterly and does his best to keep us bug free.  Miss Kitty hates it when he comes because she gets locked up, she'd much rather help him with the bugs.
Mac collected the lemons off our tree yesterday, a whole bowl load.  He left one on the tree and there is one orange on the orange tree, but it's not very orange.
 Several people suggested me canning them in a jar with salt water, but I don't have any jars big enough, so who knows what I'll do with them.
Yesterday we had a visitor, a snake.  A quick check of the internet suggests that he was a Georgia rat snake, not very big, looks like he'd been folded and crinkled.  Mac had put a piece of siding up next to our window because the air conditioner would blow moisture in.  Well friend snake crawled in between the siding and the window.  We banged on the glass, yelled at him, squirted him with water to no avail.  Finally Mac threw in a couple of moth balls with him and he instantly left.  Hung out by the air conditioner for a while, but no idea where he is now.


  1. My Meyers Lemon had all the blooms blown off so no lemons for me this year.
    What daughter and I make is Meyers Lemon Pound Cake, and then take the peel and candy it.
    This year we will only be making candied grapefruit peel, I love it but my Japanese family love it.
    I use Martha recipe (I think) you cook the peel twice, cook it in a sugar syrup. It is easy but it takes some time.
    Good Luck.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. From a much cooler place life sounds rather exotic and exciting with you. I suppose you could make lemon marmalade, which I personally love.

  3. My daughter chops them up and puts them in the freezer for drinks. I love to drink hot water and a squish of lemon.

  4. You can squeeze them and make lemon juice ice cubes to add to water. I can't wait until our little lemon and lime trees produce. Maybe I will have my southern green thumb by then! It's rather humbling to kill everything after years and years of beautiful vegetable, fruit and flowers up north.
    Mothballs,eh. I'll remember that for future reference!

  5. I have to buy lemons this morning, I wish I could reach into your lovely bowl and borrow a couple. Lemon curd or marmalade would be nice. I think I would worry where the snake went to, never knew mothballs could repel then:)

  6. Ooog. Fortunately, I only see little snakes as the zip away in the grass.
    Not sure if I could deal with the abundance (and size) of southern critters.

  7. Just catching up with your posts. Great to read about your Memphis trip and glad you got your luggage back!
    Lemons look delicious, snake less so ;-)


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