Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We were bored last night.  The Monday Night Football game was boring--Arizonia Cardianls vs New York Jets-- the American League baseball game --Cleveland Indians vs Toronto Blue Jays--was worse.  Mac asked if we has anything from Netflix and I admitted that we had The Angry Birds Movie.
He popped it in the dvd and ran it.  Was it good?  Not really, just sort of silly and it made us giggle.
So if ever you're really bored might I recommend....


  1. Lol! I'll keep that in mind! xx Karen

  2. I do quite like playing the game on my iPad when I'm bored. Haven't for a while :). B x

  3. I love your eclectic taste in movies.

  4. Hello there! Thanks for popping by my little bit of the Internet and leaving a comment. I do love a new blog to read! Not sure about the Angry birds movie though!


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