Monday, April 3, 2017

A Gloomy Monday

Dark outside, cloudy, humid and a promise of thundershowers later this afternoon.  Hope they're not too bad, but they look awful on the computer.
Stripped the bed and washed white clothes this morning.  Usually hang  my laundry outside, but it was so humid I knew they'd never dry so I threw them in the dryer.  Miss Kitty helped make the bed, but her version of helping involved poking as many holes as she can in the sheets.
Also made bread this morning and it smells so good.
Walk done, aerobics done, a little cross-stitching done, I'm beginning to think I'll never finish this piece.
Had blood tests done last Friday in preparation for my annual physical.  They post my results online so I can see them and they look pretty good.  The system shows me what's normal and also lets me compare this year's results with other years.  I like that.
We're watching a baseball game, it's the season opener for the Atlanta Braves, they're playing the New York Mets.
Almost time to start lunch.  Let me leave you with a few more pictures from Japan.


  1. Love the smell of baking bread!

  2. Mmm, fresh warm homemade bread! It has been years, I could go for some of that! We had sunshine a short while ago - where did it go? Ugh ...

  3. I just returned from the Sunshine State and we have gray, gloomy skies here in Indiana. bleh
    Homemade bread is a good idea on these gloomy days. I baked a cake last night, right from a box mix!


  4. How nice that Miss Kitty helps with the chores. I too fancy a slice of warm homemade bread, it might help dispel the gloom of our weather.

  5. I've had washing outside on the line this week, the first time this year, but I do love line dried washing, it always smells so much fresher.

  6. love the rabbit header! The pictures of Japan are stunning

  7. You are certainly a to the busy woman! I need to start making bread again. I keep planning to but never get to it. When I was making bread all the time we both gained 5 pounds in a month, so I think I'd better keep it occasional batch. Love the header!

  8. You achieved so much before lunch time! Hope the thunder storm isn't too bad:)

  9. Hope all goes well with your physical. Lovely to see more of Japan! I am enjoying it a lot and can only imagine how much you enjoyed it!

  10. Before I forget to say ...
    I do like your new header/banner a cute rabbit!

    Hope your physical goes well.

    All the best Jan

  11. I love the cranes and the touches of red everywhere in Japan.
    We have had company for several days and are just getting our routine back.


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