Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Already Tuesday

Posted on Saturday, meant to post on Sunday, looked up and it's Tuesday.  Where does it go?  I guess Sunday was spent watching the Masters, what a great finish!  Sergio winning was fun to watch.
Then Monday was spent with my retina specialist.  The good news is that I'm not blind or at least no blinder than I ever was, so  a good check-up..  He is so busy he has 3 nurses now and of course I had the one I like the least.  She has all the patient skills of a prickly pear cactus and left me for more than 40 minutes after my eyes had been dilated.  My eyes always ache after my appointment.
Then it was out to breakfast, we'd left home too early to have any and I afraid that it was less than inspiring.  I had a slightly off stomach the rest of the day and Mac said he felt like he had a brick in his stomach.
After breakfast it was off to Home Depot to buy plants for the garden which has looked a bit bare lately.  Some perennials didn't come back this year and some of my bulbs have given up the ghost so it was time to restock.  Mac told me not to be cheap, which I tend to be, and so I bought a load of new plants.
Today I started planting, but it's so warm already I can see that it's going to take me a couple of days to get everything in.  I got in several Kalenchoes, a succulent from Madagascar and tropical Africa.  They're so vibrant and pretty.  I put them in the sunniest bed along with some red Zinnias.  I'm saving the shadier bed for the blues and purples I bought.
While I was at the eye doctor Mac went off to get a new battery for our lawn mower.  The last 2 times I've used it he had to push it around to the front of the house and jump start it with the car.  I just heard him outside running it so he must have gotten the new battery hooked up.
Now that I'm cooled off from the garden, it's in the 80's today, it's time to go exercise.
This picture and the one below are some of the plants I bought


Kalencholes and Zinnias

The Nasturtiums just keep on putting out new blooms.


  1. And I've been wondering where 2016 is going... :-) Good news from the Eye Doc - I suspect your plants are far ahead of anything in the UK!

  2. Your garden will look lovely.

  3. Glad that your eyes are alright and that you can still see - I would guess you would know if you couldn't! Amazing that you are planting kalanchoe outside, I just watered my indoor houseplant one this evening, and cannot imagine it living outside! Glad you are enjoying the garden.

  4. We were going between the Masters and the Dodger game... Masters was so exciting...Yeah for Sergio. Your flowers are lovely....and where do the days go...they fly by. Good thing I have a big calendar on my refrigerator. HaHa

  5. It is good to hear your eyesight did not get worse since your last checkup. I can't stand those pupil dilation drops! Your garden plants look cheerful and happy. I don't know how hot 80 Fahrenheit is but I'll go and google. It does sound too warm for comfortable gardening!

  6. You are going to have one fantastic garden! You'll have to post pictures again when you get them in. A nice soaking bath may feel good when you're done. :-)

  7. That's good that your eyes are fine.. love your garden..

  8. You have been having a busy time. Good news about the eyes but I'm a bit jealous about your weather.

  9. It's lovely to see what plants are available in your part of the world. Glad your eye appointment was ok. B x

  10. Good your eyes are ok, I have an eye appointment this morning and I know I have the starts of a cateract so I'm wondering what they will say about that. Time does seem to be moving along quickly this year:)

  11. What a lovely selection of plants, you'll have a very colourful garden this summer. Good news about your eyes.


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