Thursday, May 4, 2017

Before The Storms Come

They're predicting thunderstorms for us today and tonight and I wanted to get the lawn mown before that happened as part of it were knee high.  We have a riding mower and I enjoy mowing, there's something very satisfying about seeing the grass/weeds shoot out the side.
The flowers continue to be a delight, more and more Gladiolas are blooming and the Gardenias are heavenly.
The Jim Ed Memorial Rose (named in honor of my Dad James Edward) is in bloom and has one of the sweetest smelling white roses on it.
Time to fix lunch and batten down the hatches, but I'll leave you with a few pretties.


Jim Ed Memorial Rose




My Azaleas in the shade are just now blooming


  1. The rose is beautiful and the perfect tribute to your dad.

  2. What a beautiful rose! He'd be proud. Lovely flowers!
    I get your weather first - make hot chocolate and maybe a fire, haha. It's not pleasant. Sorry. :/

  3. So lovely to see your flowers and that rose is just a beauty, what a lovely tribute to your Dad.

    Take care in the bad weather.

    All the best Jan

  4. Beautiful flowers and a darling header. Smelling the Poppy. Precious.

  5. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Just wanted to tell you, it is my joy to find an old Agatha Christie that I have read such a long time ago.
    As with your latest novels, I just found "Thirteen Problems" a book I read a very long time ago. So much fun to reread.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I love gardenias, the fragrance is just heavenly.. once I planted one gardenia, but that didn't survive the winter..

  7. Beautiful flowers but the rose was a delight, such a wonderful tribute. Hope the storm is not as bad as thought, stay safe.

  8. Lovely flowers. What a good idea to have a rose named after your Dad. The colour of the lily is fabulous. I've never seen one that colour before.

  9. Very pretty! We're in for some stormy weather here too today and tomorrow. Have a nice weekend.

  10. So nice to see all of those blooms! You are way ahead of us- only tulips and forsythia, here. -Jenn

  11. The gardenias are wonderful! I hope the flowers didn't get too damaged by the storm!

  12. Gorgeous blooms in your garden. Did the storm come? The garden must have loved the rain but perhaps the flowers were not so keen? x

  13. I enjoy virtual garden tours. Your season is ahead of us here in south-central KY.

  14. Beautiful flowers! Send some of that rain our way - it seems like all of Florida is on fire.


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