Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Doing Very Little

The air conditioner came on early today, 95º yesterday and only around 90º today, but as always, HUMID.  Little gets done in this kind of weather.  My only projects are Swiffering the floors (done) and balancing the checkbooks- that's next.
I prefer the checkbooks to the floors, so dollars are better than dust.
Had an email from my sister-in-law, only have one left, she keeps us up-to-date on Mac's family in California.  She says our nephew is looking at land and considering building a house.  Would you believe that construction costs where they live (the San Francisco Bay Area ) are around $450 a sq.ft. and about 300,000 to 400,000 for a lot.  A bit rich for my money.  One of the reasons we decided not to retire in California, though that's where we're from, too expensive and too many people.  We like living in the boonies.  Our house, if we moved it to California,  would probably sell for way over a million, maybe close to two million.  Obviously that's not what we paid.
Miss Kitty wanted me to tell you that today is World Cat Day and in honor of that she's doing even less today than she did yesterday.  She coughed once today and we gave her the new cough syrup, she didn't say much, but she hasn't coughed since.
Mac has sold 3 paintings this week.  Nice living with an artist.


  1. 3 paintings? That's excellent - mind you, he's VERY good... OK - this is an instance, possibly, of two nations divided by a common language (not that we're too divided; you know what I mean) - but please explain 'swiffering' and 'boonies'!

    1. Swiffering is a way of cleaning wood floors, a cloth is put over a flat head like a mop head and you clean the floor with it. Boonies has to do with the boondocks, which according to the dictionary means a wild, bushy place, but has come to mean any where out of town.

  2. Beautiful paintings! So talented. Phew that's hot. I'm glad to be out if it for a little while lol.

  3. And it's seventy five in the house and less than that outside. Door is wide open.

  4. The paintings are amazing! - I'm with you on this heat but here in Idaho it is a dry heat. I'm from Michigan so I do know of that hideous humidity. - We're having a cooling trend. Only the low 90's instead of the triple digits. I'll take it!

  5. Well done to Mac, his paintings are wonderful. It's amazing how the price of properties differ so much according to where they are in the country, it's the same over here.

  6. Good going there, Mac! Coming from a family of artists, I always considered that being an artist was a great way to starve.
    Maybe Miss Kitty will have gotten rid of that fur ball, hopefully.

  7. Happy to hear Miss Kitty is doing well. The paintings are lovely. I agree about the California home prices. Luckily, we bought when the market tanked but prices are up again....enjoy your evening, Pat xx

  8. I am always intrigued by Mac's paintings--in your current header both the gentleman and his dog appear very content with their fishing expedition.
    Land and housing prices in some areas are so over the top I wonder who could possibly afford them. We were told when we were building houses in Wyoming that the same construction in Jackson Hole would have listed for at least 100 thousand more.
    The weather thus far this week is treating us kindly--lovely cool nights.

  9. Love Mac's paintings! It's nice here, just getting into the low 80's, so the air hasn't been on in about a week. A nice break for the electric bill. You're doing the right thing, slowing down in hot weather. That's how it is supposed to be in the South, isn't it?

  10. Giggling over Mike not knowing about Swiffering or the Boonies! HA!
    Good that Mac has sold three paintings!
    Your cat sounds like a normal cat, lazy and knowing she can get away with it! :-)

  11. Very nice paintings!! Wow with $450 a square feet! But having living in San Diego area, I can attest it is very expensive property wise (and so many other reasons) to live there. When we lived in the Laguna Beach area (a town over called Laguna Niguel) houses at the time there were going for $750,000 to $1,000,000 and these were just your "average" 3-4 bedroom homes in communities. I would walk our dog we had at the time in these "average" neighborhoods and be amazed at seeing for sale prices and the prices they wanted for them. Then of course the fall in the market came in 2007-2010. Hubby's parents owned 2 houses in the San Diego area; paid for many a year so the ups and downs didn't bother them. Two sons inherited one each. We sold the one hubby inherited and bought two houses here in Arizona with money to spare. And that's why we are retiring in Phoenix despite the heat over Southern California.

    We got away from some of our monsoon weather so the humidity is lower but the heat is rising. Actually its more pleasant with less humidity.


  12. Congratulations Mac! Great paintings as always, but I do love the elephant! Hope Miss Kitty enjoyed World Cat Day!

  13. I guess I missed World Cat Day so I'd better not tell Charlie. I did give him a good brushing so maybe he will forgive me. I like the elephant painting, great expression on it's face.

  14. Well done to Mac for selling three paintings.
    Hope all cats enjoyed their World Cat Day!

    All the best Jan

  15. Well done to Mac! I don't envy you having to cope with those temperatures and levels of humidity, I couldn't do it. x

  16. We watch those flipping shows on HGTV that take place in California. It boggles the mind...$400,000 for a dump. To be sold after flipping, of course, for $500,000.


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