Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday in the Swamp

Another muggy day in the swamp, Pogo would feel right at home.  We walked and swam before breakfast and Mac has been back in again.
Nothing too heavy for lunch today, tuna sandwiches I think.  And I baked a small cake so we can have strawberry short cake later.  Doesn't get much summery than that.  I just discovered that today is  Root Beer Float Day---we had one on Friday and Strawberry Short Cake Day was on June 14th, I always think of that as Flag Day.
I started a new cross-stitch.  It has the pattern printed onto the fabric.  Thought I'd like that, but I don't, it appears that I prefer the counted cross-stitch instead.  We'll see how this one goes, it's a gift too.
Saw a headline on the Net today asking if your air conditioner is making you sick, well no, it's keeping me alive.  We clean our filters regularly.  We lived here in Georgia many years ago without air conditioning and for awhile without even a fan.  We were a lot younger then.  I could do it now, but I'd sure hate to, I have a lot of sympathy for folks without air-conditioning.
My Grandmother who lived in Oklahoma didn't have any air conditioning and my Mom bought her one, but she wouldn't use it, said she thought it was an instrument of the devil.  That's what I thought heat was.
Well, wherever you are, have a good Sunday.


  1. I've never done a cross stitch where the design is printed on the fabric, it's interesting that you prefer the counted cross stitch.

  2. That strawberry short cake looks mighty good.

  3. I've done very little counted cross stitch, it's gorgeous, but I get cross-eyed. Don't think I would like the printed ...
    I really would die without the A/C, I know it!

  4. We're out in Albuquerque and the weather is beautiful. Usually much hotter, but not this year. The new painting is wonderful.

  5. I also started one cross stitch after a long time...

  6. I've only ever done counted cross stitch. It was a piece to celebrate the millenium, took me ten years to finish it!

  7. Love your new header and the short cake. I do feel for you in the heat, at least you have the pool. B x

  8. I've always done counted, too. Have fun learning printed.

  9. HaHaHa....laughing at your last comment. Sometimes it's a cultural mom was from Oklahoma, and when my father passed she moved into a mobile home..she didn't have a AC and didn't want one...Finally, my sister and I bought one and had it installed. She loved it.
    The Villa where we live has a high percentage of Hispanic. I notice there windows open on really hot days. I tell my daughter, maybe they can't afford the electric bill....She says no's cultural of older generation. They think it makes them sick. Go figure!!

    Love the new header...the folds in the jacket are so excellent. Just pulls me in. What a great scene.

    I made coffee cake today. We love tuna sandwiches.

  10. I laughed right out loud at your grandmother's comment. Tooo funny. I love our AC unit this time of year. We live right by the lake and when it is hot it is HOT! Hope you have a great night-xo Diana

  11. Your grandma's comment brought back memories of my grandma. She was from Arkansas and used to call the TV the "devil's box". Imagine if they saw the world today! Glad to hear you're coping with the heat. Luckily the humidity left SoCal. Hugs, Pat

  12. What surprises me is here in Phoenix, there are still people that don't have air conditioning (lots of older people). Such a necessity! When we lived in hubby's parents' house that he would later inherit in San Diego area, we didn't have air conditioning. You only needed it about 6 weeks out of the year. Those 6 weeks were tough. The house got to 90 degrees at times.

    Love tuna fish sandwiches. Wish my tummy liked them as much as my brain does :)


  13. I haven't done a printed cross stitch per se but I have done printed tapestries and I think overall I got a neater result with counted than printed. Hope you enjoy yours.

  14. We don't need air conditioners.... but maybe a dehumidifier would be useful. The Scottish summer has been nothing like summer this year.

    I'd love a plate of your dessert, it looks delicious x

    1. We run a dehumidifier in our bedroom, Mac pours gallons out of it.

  15. I was a cross stitch fanatic.... wondering now when it ceased. Christine is right about the weather - most disappointing.

  16. Your dessert plate looks very delicious ...
    I love strawberries.

    All the best Jan

  17. The Scottish summer has been nothing like summer this year.

    การ์ตูนโป๊, jav

  18. Flag Day is a huge holiday at our house. When my second son was born on January 1st as the "New Year's Baby" of the town where I lived at the time, the newspaper had a big article about him, with pictures of him and me, and prizes for the entire family. My oldest son saw all this commotion and celebration and started feeling slighted...until we told him that his birthday, June 14, was just as special as his younger brother's - it was FLAG DAY!

    It was all good after that. Phew!


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