Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hateful People

I have been very lucky and have never received hateful comments on my blog.  But others have not been so lucky, it's hard to believe that some people think they have the right to inflict pain on the writer of a blog.  I read blogs for the fun of it, sometimes I disagree with what the blogger has said, but that's ok, it's their blog, not mine.
In the past Froogs at Frugal in Cornwall almost gave up blogging because of comments left at her blog and that would have been horrible.  She's a wonderful blogger and inspiration to many of us.  But someone wanted to tear her down, thankfully she decided to keep on blogging.  Now she's up for a blogging award, fingers crossed.

Today  it's Silver Sewer who has decided to quit blogging because of negative comments.  It's not right, those of us who enjoy her writing will miss it very much.  If you don't like what someone is blogging about, don't visit that blog, go away, far, far away.
To those of you who have thought about quitting blogging because of negative comments, remember that if you quit you've given way too much power to people who don't deserve it.  Blog on!


  1. I don't know these two bloggers but it's really a shame if someone feels there is no alternative but to quit blogging because of negative comments. I'd suggest using comment moderation and just delete any further comments from that person, without bothering to even read them.

  2. What a shame - not only are the readers going to miss their friend, but being forced to quit will leave a hole in the blogger's life. I think the cyber-companionship is a great part of blogging for many, so what a sorry thing when some smart alec has to spoil things.

  3. A darn shame. I would hazard a guess that Silver Sewer's negative commenter has never experienced a serious health problem. When you've got a life-changing medical issue going on, or have to live with the effects of a serious medical event, it's very hard to be balanced in your treatment of it. The temptation is either to talk about it all the time (which probably no one wants to hear) or to try to blog as though it doesn't exist. But persistent health problems, like family members, are part of who we are. Sometimes they overshadow our lives, and we have to mention them or burst. Sometimes they crowd out creativity and leave us with barely enough energy to put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes they retreat into the background and let us get on with our lives - those are the good days.

    If blog readers don't like hearing about health problems, they can always go somewhere else. (Or start their own darn blog!) And the rest of us can continue to encourage each other, which I think is the best part of blogging and reading blogs.

    Hooh! Thanks for letting me vent. :)

  4. I don't know either of these blogs but it is such a shame that their writers have been treated in this way. What a dreadful thing to do to someone! I do hope they contiune writing and don't give up as that, presumably, is what the perpetrator wants.


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