Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

No resolutions this year, I always forget them and when I remember them I feel bad, definitely don't need that.
So this year a few goals.  Finish all craft projects before starting on new ones.  So I need to finish one crocheted afghan, 2 embroidered dish towels, and 3 tiny oil paintings.  I have other stuff planned so I need to get these done first.
Inspired by the Frugal Queen  I'm going to make repairs on things needing repair, jeans to be patched, Christmas sweatshirt needing to be sewed, and several things taken in for Mac.  In the house we need get our shower reglassed (is there such a word?), a drain in our deck so water stops pooling and get new carpeting on the stairs and upstairs bedrooms, they've passed the point where they can be cleaned anymore.
And because I'd like to stay reasonably healthy I need to exercise on a more consistent basis, not so hit and miss.  I walk every day, but I need to do more so some moderate aerobics are in line.


  1. These all sound like perfectly attainable goals to me. Happy New Year!

  2. I never make resolutions either, just have a few things that I can hopefully achieve in mind. Happy New Year:)


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