Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

One of Mac's paintings, not a leprechaun exactly
Savannah is in the middle of the nation's 2nd largest St. Patrick's Day celebration, New York City's is the largest, and the well mannered southern city of around 100,000 people will welcome nearly 400,000 visitors who have come to enjoy the parades, the bands, and of course, the drinking.
 We avoid Savannah around this time of year, hate crowds under the best of circumstances and drunken crowds are to be avoided at all costs.
Savannah has a large Irish population and has been holding St. Patrick's  Day celebrations since 1813.  Even today there are events for the family, Ceili bands, Celtic singing and Irish dancing, but that mostly happens earlier in the month or even in February.  From now through Sunday people will be in town to have a wild time, so we'll be else where.

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  1. Until this year I had no idea how widely celebrated St Patrick's day is in the US. In Sweden it's not even in our calendar. I always thought (if I thought of it at all) that it was just celebrated in Ireland.


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