Tuesday, November 5, 2019



Anyone who blogged with Janet knew she was a huge livelong fan of Godzilla. I don't know when it 

at first they wanted the monster to be a giant octopus, thank god they did not do that, for more than 

likely I would not be writing this blog. From rubber suit to high tech graphics, Godzilla has 

maintained his down home monster look. Godzilla was an important part of Janet's 3rd grade classes, 

she had a two foot tall plastic Godzilla on her desk and she would keep the bathroom passes in his 

mouth. When the kids were working on the floor and they became noisy, she would tell them in 

English ( she had a bi-lingual class) she was going to run thru them just like Godzilla thru Tokyo, and 

no matter what level of English they had, they completely understood.

Our house is falloff Godzillas, as I type at Janet's computer there is a foot tall plush Godzilla looking 

over my shoulder. I don't know when her Godzilla thing began some time after we met, but it could

not has been before November 3, 1954, for that's when the movie was released in Japan, it wasn't

released here until April, 1956. So 3 NOV is Godzilla birthday so to  speak.

Went thru the house and gathered up some of the Zilla  items I could find, this is just a small sample

of what is around the house, some have special meanings, others do not.


Te Zill who guarded the bathroom passes

Baby Zilla

Keyring Zilla

Zilla Fan

This one actually breathes steam!

A special postcard sent by one of Janet's favorite bloggers

My favorite, given to Janet in Japan by our daughter April

Just a bit of Godzillamania, everyone should have at least one Zill!!!!

Friday, November 1, 2019

                         Halloween in Japan Part 11

My daughter dressed up as did most of her Japanese coworkers.

Now a word about her costume. She is dressed up as a NO OBACHANS "NO" is this case is possessive meaning OURS. NO OBACHANS are elderly ladies who like to dress in bright leopard skin prints.

In their 60s and 70s they like to dye their hair purple.

They like to give out candy from brightly decorated purses and of talk.

                                                My view of Halloween in Japan




A few words about Halloween in Japan, keeping in mind that this is just a visitors view, I am no anthropologist. I am amazed and a little jealous how the Japanese take a part of somebody else's culture gleam the best parts and adapt it to their life style. Halloween is a good example, last October we were in Japan and the main colors of most decorations were black and orange. Halloween displays were in just about every shop window.

Trick or treating is not practiced, not house to house, like in the states, candies may be given to friends at parties. The main part of Halloween adopted is COSTUMES, mainly for adults, who really enjoy dressing up. For some reason (ME) I can't load anymore pictures, so all publish this and start another one.

                               GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS Anyone who blogged with Janet knew she was a huge livelong fan of ...