Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Another Good Day today

Had another good day today, lots of energy and got a bit done.  Shopped on EBay for an anniversary present for
Mac, we have our 53rd anniversary in September. 
We had a new filter put in our HVAC unit.  We got a new unit in January and part of the deal was that they'd change the filter.  Took them awhile and I didn't envy them having to be up in our attic.
I guess most of you have read about the fires in California, well yesterday we found out that Mac's cousin and his wife had their house burn down, they lived in Redding. So sad.  Here we're having rain every day, so no fire danger unless lightning strikes.
I went upstairs today for the first time in months.  It's 16 steps up to our 2nd floor and I was wondering how I'd do----well, no problem, yeah me.
Fixed a good lunch today.  Even every time we go to the Olive Garden I order the Shrimp Scampi with Asparagus.  I went online t o find the recipe and it was so quick and easy.  The recipe called for spaghetti, but I used Angel Hair Pasta.  Also used more lemon juice than the recipe called for.  Definitely a keeper.
Did some shopping at Amazon,would hate for Jeff Bezos to not become a trillionaire.
Tomorrow I start exercising again wish me luck.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Another Milestone

I've finished the 10 days of head radiation that was done prophylactically to reduce the risk of my cancer returning and going to my brain.  It's over and I feel great.  They gave me my mask that they'd made for me to wear during treatment and told me I was welcome to burn it, blow it up or shoot it with a shotgun.  Haven't decided quite what I want to do with it.
My hair hasn't fallen out and is in fact still growing.  My doctor said it might start falling out in a week or so, the technicians who ran the radiation said the dose was so low it might not fall out----hope they're right.
Went to Hobby Lobby with Mac today, he needed canvases.  It's the first time I've been able to cruise their aisles and cruise I did.  Many things were 40% off and I indulged.  While we waited for Hobby Lobby to open we went to Lowes and did some plant shopping.  Got a new Gardenia,  we're going to put it in a big pot next to the pool and some really pretty golden  Zinnias    .
Then we went to breakfast---eggs, hash browns and pancakes---so good.  Next was some grocery shopping.
All in all I was out for 4 hours, the longest I've been out except for medical treatment.
No more doctors for awhile.  Physicals for us later in the month, Medicare says we have to, but there'll be no X-rays for me, I've had enough radiation.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Bit of a Milestone

Friday I went to the commissary with Mac to grocery shop and I managed to get all of it done without having to sit down and rest.  That may not sound like much to you, but I haven't been to the commissary to shop since February.  Either I was too tired, lacked the energy or I was sick.  Mac had to pick up the slack and he's done a good job.  But I missed doing the shopping, looking at the produce, picking out meat, seeing what was new.
So I did it.  Mac talked to the commissary people and they had a chair set out for me in case I got too tired, but I didn't need it.  I sat down when I was finished, but just as a precaution, I wasn't really tired.  It feels so good to have energy again.
Bar-b-qued ribs, rice and kidney bean salad for lunch today.  It's so muggy here that I want to keep to kitchen cool.
Yesterday I signed up for BritBox and we watched Would I Lie to You one of our favorite shows.
My new header is of Stokesay Castle in Shropshire, a place we've visited many times.  It's less of a castle really and more of a manor house.  Love Mac's painting.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Bit Late With This

I meant to post this right after the Fourth of July, but didn't get around to it.  The Low Country Boil was even better than I hoped, the corn was so sweet.  When it got dark we took the Badger and Godzilla outside and played with Sparklers and Poppers (you throw them down and they pop).  Both Badger and Godzilla had a good time.

Then we went inside and drank Mimosas and watched Independence Day.  We've seen it a couple of times, but felt it was appropriate.

Healthwise I'm doing well, had a PET scan and it looked good, both my doctors are pleased.  So we're going to do a prophylactic 10 day radiation of my head.  It starts tomorrow.  Then I have till September  and then have my port cleaned.  In October I'll have another PET scan and they'll just be monitoring me.  I'm very pleased.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends and sorry about the break-up to my British friends.
It's supposed to rain here today, and in fact already has a little.  We're hoping it will clear up enough for us to swim though. Plus we have Sparklers we need to burn.
We're having a Low Country Boil.  We'd planned on having that  on Sunday when we went down to our local marina,  but they had no shrimp so it was 2 cold beers and an order of Calamari.
I will fix  the Low Country Boil today and for those who've asked what is it here's my list of ingredients.

Small Red Potatoes
Old Bay Seasoning
Corn on the Cob

You boil them in that order and then drain the liquid.  It's so good.
Hope you have a good day wherever you are.

This isn't mine, but definitely how it will look.

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