Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meeting Up With the Neighbors

Saw one of our neighbors for the first time this spring,  He was lounging in our other neighbor's yard and slid  into the lagoon when Mac went to take his picture.  I'm not sure where he spends his  winter, buried in the mud at a guess.  We usually don't see him until April, but like everything else he's early this year.  Yesterday was 85 degrees and today will be warmer so everything is active.
Mac has 2 small turtles he hatched from eggs (rescued because the raccoons here eat any turtle eggs they find) and today his pond turtle is moving around for the first time this spring so he's putting some cat food in their terrarium, the box turtle has already been moving around and eating.
One of our least favorite visitors, the evil mole, has been digging tunnels and tearing up my backyard.  I suspect he's going to meet an unhappy end.

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