Friday, March 18, 2011

So Pretty and So Bad For Me

My garden is beautiful, everything is starting to bloom, the Wisteria is gorgeous, the camellias are going strong, the azaleas are blooming  and all the plants I've put in are doing well.
The neighbors Dogwood trees look fantastic and my Tulip tree though no bigger than last year is covered in blooms.  I love Dogwoods, but our yard is where Dogwoods come to die, we've tried a couple and they never make it.
So all that's good, except my allergies are horrible and my eyes are swollen.  Mac closed the bedroom windows because though it is supposed to be in the 80's here today our night stands have a fine coating of pollen on them.
I went out and transplanted Balsalm that I'd seeded in the greenhouse and now I'm back in, admiring the garden from a far.  I think once the oak trees and pine trees get rid of their pollen I should do a little better.
My eye doctor gave me some new allergy drops for my eyes, we're trying to find one that doesn't dry them out so badly.
But as I said, the garden is beautiful.

Neighbor's Dogwoods

Carolina Jasmine Around the Pool




  1. I suffer from allergies too all through spring and summer (including grass) so I know what you mean. I wouldn't be able to keep a garden on my own for that reason alone (there are other reasons as well). I'm lucky to live rather close to a few parks though.

  2. It's looking good. I've been watching our wisteria buds fattening and look forward to them. Having just had a couple of weeks allergy to hazel pollen with all the catkins out, thankfully a mildish dose compared to you, I do sympathise!!


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