Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

It's Sunday afternoon and we're waiting to see if the thunderstorms they've been predicting will come.
 The weather has been very warm here, well up in the 80's, and the front going through has a cold front behind it so we'll probably get something.  After having weeks of warm weather it's only supposed to be in the lower 60's tomorrow, that ought to be a shock to the system.
I was in the family room looking through the dusty window and the garden was so pretty that I decided to ignore the condition of the window and  take a picture of it anyway.  The wisteria is almost finished, but it looks so pretty hanging over the fence.  The snowball plant is doing really well this year, I've had it for around 5 years and this is only the second year it has bloomed.  Sitting on the table is my heavenly bamboo that has come out of the greenhouse and the big plant just starting to leaf out is my Confederate Rose.  In the tubs are potatoes and onions.  Here's hoping we don't have any late frosts!
The picture at the top of the page is of some of my  white roses, the name of the rose is lost in the dawn of time, but they're  from my climbing rose.
I got trapped outside today, I went out to cut some carnations to put in a vase and when I came back to the door in the garage there was a wasp there.  Once upon a time I would have just brushed it away or swung at it with a fly swatter, but since my allergic reaction to my last sting I'm very leery of wasps and had to wait for Mac to come and dispose of it.  He sprays all the doors, but the wasps keep coming back in search of spiders who hang out there.  I have a feeling it's going to be a long spring and summer.
Well I've  promised Mac some Chicken Cacciatore for lunch so I guess I need to get going.


  1. You must be another "zone" or two from us there in coastal Georgia. We're having the return of cold weather after a week of balmy days when I got very enthused about gardening.


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