Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go Away!

Yes, go away, far, far away.  When Mac went to turn the hose on to water his garden yesterday evening he  noticed something leaf colored against the white drain pipe by the faucet.  Because he knows snakes are always a possibility he cautiously looked closer and sure enough it was a copperhead snake.  They're venomous, but according to what I've read not usually deadly (notice the not usually).  It wasn't very big, but  it scared the heck out of me.  He shot it with our bee-bee gun and then threw it into the woods.  Today he chopped down all the weeds around the house.  I know we have to live with snakes, any place with woods and water are going to have snakes, but I can't stand the thought of them, particularly poisonous ones, near the house.


  1. I could manage having non-poisonous snakes around but poisonous (however not-usually-deadly they may be!) snakes are another matter. My son and DIL in Sputh Africa seem to take it in their stride but I'm not sure I could ever reach that point.

  2. So how many of them would you need to catch to make a handbag :) ?

  3. I'm holding out for an alligator handbag, and Rowan, I don't think I ever get use to them, but I try real hard not to think about them.


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