Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh My Poor Garden!

Rescued these from the garden yesterday.  We didn't get the promised rain Sunday night and yesterday we broke a 130 year old record, it was 101 degrees and it felt even hotter.
I kept my swimming suit on under my shorts all day, when I'd get too hot I'd jump in the pool for awhile.  I refuse to run the air conditioner all day, besides the fact that it's too expensive to run all the time it dries my eyes and nose out and that makes me miserable.
Our overnight low was in the mid-70's which means it didn't really cool off at all.  I tried to sleep but even with fans running it was just too hot, and in addition to that the smell of the wild fires burning kept coming in the window.  I sat out in the livingroom and read till about 2:30, by then I was exhausted and finally fell asleep.
We did our 2 mile walk before breakfast this morning and that's about all I'm going to do today.  But they're promising cooler weather for today, only 97!


  1. I don't know how you survive those temperatures, especially at night! Hope it colls down for you soon.

  2. We finally got rain last night, a bit over an inch so last night was nice, hope the humidity isn't too bad today.


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