Friday, June 17, 2011

Shabby Chic

Maybe it's just me but I don't get shabby chic.  I get loving something that you have used through the years and it has become a bit worn around the edges, as we all have become, but I don't understand making something look worn or rusty. I don't paint furniture and then sand it down so it will look worn.  I do buy vintage and antique but I want their worn look to come about through years of usage and loving handling.
 I don't understand buying things that look rusty.  Maybe I have irrational  fear of tetanus but I don't want to own rusty things.  If something of mine that I care about rusts, I sand it down, actually I have Mac sand it down, and I repaint it or coat it in something to protect it against rust.  I hate getting tetanus shots and so I avoid things that might make me have to renew mine.
I love the cottage look and soft pastel colors and quite frankly rust is not a pastel color.  And the shovel on the left looks like a tetanus shot waiting to happen.


  1. I totally concur with your sentiment about old worn items. I have my mothers carving knife that has worn down to a very thin blade & a pair of her kitchen scissors that I use to cut the tape on our bales peat briquettes.
    As for tetanus injections ! I had one last year,it caused more pain than the head wounds that I suffered.

  2. I know just what you mean - I've never understood why anyone would want to make new things look old although I do understand a love of genuine old pieces especially if they are handed down through the family. All these magazines with their 'faux' this that and the other get on my nerves too. Faux is simply the French word for fake!


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