Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Short Rant

We just paid out taxes so it's time for my quarterly rant about how my taxes are wasted.  I guess I should begin with a whine about how our hard-earned money is going to pay the salary of the latest Congressional sleaze Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner from New York.     My taxes will pay his salary and he'll be able to afford his internet connection and continue his sleazy tweeting on twitter.
Then President Obama can send more of our money overseas to Egypt (1.8 billion dollars a year and whatever we send through the G-8 agreement) even though most Americans oppose the aid and 88% of Egyptians don't want it.
Next my money will help fund the war in Libya, by the end of April it had already cost more than $600 billion dollars, and counting.
And finally they can use my tax dollars to fund the National Science Foundation so they can do more great studies, such as:

Studying Jello-wrestling in the Antarctic

Studying the ability of shrimp to exercise on a treadmill

Developing a laundry-folding robot.

George R. R. Martin says that as a good liberal he doesn't mind paying taxes he just hates the paperwork.
Well I'll tell you what, we'll do his paperwork and he can pay our taxes too, because quite frankly they just p##@ us off.

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  1. You'd think there'd be more important things to do studies of than those on your list! Thanks for the Cherokee site, I'll follow that up.


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